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Macroom "The town that reared no fools".

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Macroom is an ancient town situated on the River Sullane and is located on the main route from Cork to Killearney. An historic town dating back to the 6th century it has gone through many transformations and historic upheavals in its time but continues to thrive as a busy market, business and historic tourist hub today.

As far back as the 13th century and ushered in by the McCarthy's (the ruling family and residents of Macroom Castle) Macroom was promoted as a meeting place and market town and became well known as the "meeting place of followers of the god Crom" or "crooked oak" . The "crooked oak" was said to have stood in the centre of the town square and was the meeting place of local traders prominent towns folk.

Today Macroom still hosts a weekly market in the square where you can buy a range of local produce. There are vegetable stalls, fish stalls, deli stalls, food trucks, clothing stalls and more.

The town also boasts a beautiful river walk along the Sullane, passing the banks of the ancient castle grounds and old protestant church. The walk ends at the weir were locals have swam for many generations.

So why not head down this Tuesday and enjoy some fantastic local produce on offer.

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